Game Day Bags

With guidelines for bags getting stricter, it was time for me to jump on the clear bag train for games and concerts. It took me a while to find one. I was looking for 1) something cute 2) something that would go with everything and 3) something under $100. It seemed like there were so many cute options in the two hundred dollar range, which was way more than I wanted to spend.

I found the perfect collection at Nordstrom. Wristlets and crossbody bags all under $100. Trimmed in cute colors or neutrals like black, they make the perfect accent to any outfit.

wristlet // wristlet // bag // bag

My go to game outfits are usually leggings and a comfy sweatshirt or tunic. I may not always be in team colors but I am there for the team (and the beer, and the nachos!). This sweatshirt from J. Crew is beyond comfy! and this style is also available in so many other prints. It’s the perfect sweatshirt for all seasons.

sweatshirt // bag // leggings // sneakers

Happy Shopping!

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